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Новости : The journal is included to the SCOPUS database

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In Brief

The journal is included to the SCOPUS database




Dear Madam/Sir,
Elsevier is happy to inform you that the above-mentioned title has been covered in selected Elsevier product(s) starting with 2019 material.

We intend to index and extract data from the full text article and integrate such data in these product(s). Note that we never make the full text available to our customers or other third parties, although we require access to the full text for purposes of indexing and extraction. Using sophisticated linking technology, we refer our users back to your online platform to access the full-text or to view purchasing information (depending on the entitlement of the user) thus ensuring that coverage in Elsevier products enhances user traffic to the content on your platform.

Elsevier products are used by leading research institutions, government organizations, decision-making bodies and corporate organizations around the world. Therefore, coverage of your title(s) in Elsevier products provides increased visibility and discoverability of your content.
Elsevier products have adopted formal content selection criteria and standards. By accepting your title for coverage in one or more of these products, we have determined that your title(s) meet these standards; and by granting us permission to have your title(s) covered, you in turn have confirmed your commitment to the highest possible publishing standards. We feel sure you will appreciate that continued coverage of your title(s) in Elsevier products does depend upon your continued adherence to that commitment.
We look forward to our continued cooperation and seek permission to cover your title(s). We request you to complete the attached Coverage Form and return a signed copy per email, fax or surface mail.
Thank you in advance for your cooperation.
Yours sincerely,                                                                   Monique Berkhof 
Director GEO Databases
Elsevier B.V.


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